Solar Panel & BESS Installation

Grasmere Garden Centre

It is no exaggeration that the installation of this 30.24kW Solar PV with 30.7kWh BESS has meant the difference between survival or not for this business. With the energy contract ending when the price of a variable tariff was over £1 per kWh, this business was forced to choose between a 10-fold increase in energy costs, or fixing on an unviable tariff for a small retail business. This installation has helped keep the energy bills within the manageable range.

This project demonstrates what a fantastic investment Solar PV and BESS can be. With an impressive estimated payback time of under 2 years and a financial impact over the system’s lifetime of over £800,000. It also highlights the real world benefits that renewable energy solutions can offer – Trade continuing and jobs saved.

“Our energy contract came up for renewal at the worst time when the standard variable tariff was over a £1 per kWh. We were forced to fix on a very high rate. We wouldn’t be trading today without the solar.”

Grasmere Garden Centre

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